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Worst. Pagan. Ever.
The Fool
I'm not a big fan of nature.

Well, that's unfair. I don't dislike nature. (Thunderstorms, for instance, I heartily approve of..) I just don't want to be out in nature for very long. Certainly not if the sun is up and about.

And while I'm up "blogging" at 4 in the morning; when can we stop using the phrase carbon footprint? It sounds like a personal challenge. Like I could create the next grand canyon single-handedly.

"And on your left you can see the world's largest carbon footprint."

I don't have a dishwasher. I tried washing dishes by hand for a few months but, sorry nature, Styrofoam is easier.

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Hate the phrase too. Saw you on ontdcreepy, going to add you if that's ok!

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