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I can't seem to find my dream journal, so I'm going to leave last night's dream here:

I was attending a school for psychics. It wasn't a happy, Hogwarts-type school. More a scary, government-funded super-secret school. All the rooms were open. We sat at desks facing the wall with monitors. I became fast friends with two boys. One was a little younger than me and would glow blue with psychic energy. Thinking back on it, I'm not sure if he ever did anything other than glow blue... Everyone seemed very impressed though. >_>

Anyway, the other boy could teleport. I was him for most of the dream, which was awesome. He attacked our guards. He could teleport in the traditional, disappear/reappear sense, but most of the time he was pulling this trippy portal shit. I would let myself fall at the floor, phase through the floor and appear somewhere else with the same momentum. It was awesome.

Anyway, after attacking the guards he/I had to go into hiding. But not before having celebratory bunk sex with glowing blue boy. He then moved up to the rafters where he/I lived for a while plotting everyone's escape. Half the time we weren't even there though, we were living in some fantasy astral world that looked a lot like a WoW game. There, I learned the ability to become invisible at will... and decided I could use it to steal a very nice laptop and computer games to play in the rafters while not busy plotting.

In the astral world, I went into a haunted  house/rpg dungeon . I went through the foyer and the hallway and found two doors. I picked the one on the let and it led to a stairway. The stairway was obviously the way I wanted to go, because I wanted to get to the top. I was afraid I was going to miss out on some nice loot not going into the door on the right though. So, despite being terrified of the dark haunted house, I backtracked to the room and tentatively opened all the doors, even the closet.

It was there that I briefly became lucid... but got way too excited about it and woke myself up.


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