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The Fool
Just using this journal for a dream again. I inadvertently reminded myself that I hadn't in a while because I lost my dream journal... and the spiral notebook I sometimes use in lieu of a notebook. Oh, well. I can't remember much of this one anyway.

I was in a large castle with friends. The castle was crowded with other people. Suddenly, my friends decided that I needed to have a birthday party, despite the fact that my birthday is in April which was a long ways off even in the dream. They informed me that I'd have to buy entertainment for the guests. They took me to bleachers full of stand up comedians  that were in the dining area of the castle. The comedians asked if I liked Halo. I said I dislike Halo, but enjoyed Red vs Blue. And that was about it. They told jokes that weren't particularly funny, and if there was any more to the dream, I can't recall it.


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