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Almost a Prophet

Sometimes I have prophetic dreams.

I mean, statistically, we're all due at least one of those every once in a while.

I dreamed that my significant other had a grocery cart collision with a policeman in Wal-Mart. It amounted to an $85 fine, but I phoned city hall and talked them down to $35.

Sometimes I have prophetic dreams... I don't think this was one of them.


Went shopping for rosary supplies today. It's easier (financially, practically) to stay in the broom closet for now. Since my move deeper South, I've made the decision to wear my pentagram beneath my shirt.

Beneath-the-shirt pentagram is not satisfying my girlish, witchy need for Pagan jewelry. So I'm making an above-the-shirt rosary to pair with beneath-the-shirt pentagram - which would be a marvelous idea if I knew what the hell I was doing.
So far I have:
  • 1 how-to book from my local library
  • 2 spools of the wrong kind of stringing material
  • 1 spool of the right kind of stringing material
  • 1 cheapo storage container for beads and such
  • $10-15 worth of misc. silver, glass, and wooden beads
  • $20-30 worth of beads made of specific gemstones
  • Approx 5 slips of notebook paper labels so I don't forget which gemstone is which. Because I can, and I would.
I anticipate trying to mesh this all together in the near future. I anticipate designing something passably pretty and symbolically sound. I anticipating one of my cats tromping through my work area or losing one of those damnably tiny beads.

I feel a prophetic vision coming on.

I see yet another trip to Hobby Lobby in my near future.

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