Almost an Intro
The Fool
This is my blog.

I suppose this is my spiritual blog. It's my spiritual blog because I started a spiritual journal, (two actually) and I have a tendency to misplace journals. I can't misplace the internet.

I'm Luna Lovegood, only there's no Hogwarts, there's Xanax.

Ask ten Pagans what the hell a Pagan is, and you may well get ten different definitions. If you ask a non-Pagan if they know what a Pagan is you'll usually hear, "No, but I know what a Wiccan is." At this point, I usually get lazy, nod my head, and say that I'm a Wiccan because specific labels like Witch, Druid, neo-blank blankity blank stopped rubbing me the wrong way years ago. Living in the Bible Belt, religion has never been a very fun topic to discuss with or without picky little semantics.

I call myself a Pagan or an "eclectic Pagan" because I'm religiously pansexual with a flair for theatrics. I like ceremony. I like pantheons. I like burning incense and directing energy and I feel most at home speaking to Divinity through a myriad of names and faces and forms. I call myself a Witch because it makes me more comfortable than calling myself a Spiritualist or a Buddhist or a Christian even though I may well borrow certain teachings and aspects from all religions.

I was raised as a Baptist. Sort of. My grandparents were very Southern, very religious. My parents tried to be; said they were - but, like so many, spirituality just wasn't very high on their To-Do list. They did think reading was very important though, and I'll be damned if that New Age corner of the bookstore wasn't more enlightening than church ever was.

But I'm digressing into autobiographical bullshit that's boring even to me.

I'm lost, I'm confused, and I'm tired of running. I keep trying to ignore my muddled spirituality; put it on the back burner, just nod when questioned and call myself a Wiccan. It keeps coming back to bite me in the worst ways. And now, doctor's orders, I have some unprecedented time to get my shit in order.

So, no, I'm not here to angst. I'm here to learn. And explore. And experiment.

And I'm here to document that.

And if you want to read it too, go right ahead, 'ya voyeur.


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